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Water Leak Stop System - Identify Water Leaks Early
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Water Leak Stop System - Identify Water Leaks Early

Source:  Author: Ningbo Paili Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd.  Time: 2014-11-04

Buckling or stained floors may indicate a wood floor that has absorbed water from a water leak stop system. High risk areas include the kitchen floor around the dishwasher or the refrigerator (if it has an ice maker or filtered water), or in front of a poorly sealed window. The bathroom is another issue area. Watch for water rings around the toilet or perhaps in front of the tub or shower.

Take a Water Flow Test: If you've checked for signs of water damage, but still suspect you have a water leak stop system, take a water flow test. Shut off all sources of water to your house, inside as well as out, and locate your water meter. The red triangle or perhaps flow indicator at the top will tell you when water is passing through it. If the flow indicator or the sweep hand is moving, you may have a leak.

The benefits of water leakage stop system

Use the process of elimination to determine where the water leak stop system is coming from. Shut of one toilet, go to the meter and see if the red triangle is moving. If it stopped moving, that toilet is the culprit. If not, turn the toilet back on and shut off another. Continue in this manner checking all high risk water resources including toilets, sprinkler system water softener, air conditioner, ice machine, etc. If you automatic shut off water valve to your home and the meter is still moving, water leak stop system may be between the shut off valve and the water meter.

Toilet Test: Use food coloring to determine whether your toilet has a water leak stop system. Get rid of the tank lid and flush. After it refills, add a few drops of dark food coloring. Wait at least twenty minutes and if any trace of color appears in the toilet bowl, you've got a leak.

Many of these signs and symptoms of water damage are apparent immediately after a good length of time, and in many cases extensive damage has already been done. A handy device to alert you of a leak in the early stages is a water leak stop system. It has a plug-in main unit (with battery backup) and a sensor pad. Place the pad where a leak is likely to happen (under the washer, in the crawl space, under a water heater, etc.). It will sound an alarm if it senses as little as a few drops of water.

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