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Water Leak Detection Cable Uses and Benefits
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Water Leak Detection Cable Uses and Benefits

Source:  Author: Ningbo Paili Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd.  Time: 2014-11-24

As such a range of technologies have been developed to monitor the integrity of these types of pipes; one of these technologies is actually water leak detection cable. Understandably, as a company responsible for transcontinental pipes leaks can be disastrous, not purely in terms of financial effects but also in the environmental and social repercussions.

When a pipe spans continents however understanding what is occurring all the way along it requires an innovative solution, water leak detection cable technology provides this, by giving operators early identification of leaks, subsequently reducing the chances of a minor leak, becoming a major catastrophe.

However how does water leak detection cable work?

Without delving deeply into the technical aspects of water leak detection cable technology, fibre optics works by placing a fibre optic cable within the long distance pipeline, interspersed by repeater stations. The optical fibre senses leaks through temperature measurement as when leaks occur (ether liquid or gas) the temperature within the pie falls, typically, it's possible for measurements to be taken at metre intervals, which means that when a leak does occur, it can be traced to the accuracy of 1 metre, quite a feat considering some pipelines stretch across thousands of metres.


Advantages of water leak detection cable

Faster response times - The quicker water leak detection cable, combined with the precision of such systems dramatically decreases the time it takes to react and reach a leak point.Safer - The sensors are intrinsically safe and are incapable of igniting flammable materials, making them particularly useful in dangerous environments.Cost effective maintenance - Because fibre optic sensors are reliable, require little maintenance and have a lifespan of 30 years they are a long term, cost effective option.Sensitivity - Fibre optics can detect even the smallest of leaks in litres meaning that problems are identified quickly and resolved before they grow.Fully automated - A fully automated system that uses relays at predefined distances requires little operational resources, once again providing cost effectives.

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